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CIO Services


Executive strategy planning and execution

IT stragetgy is one of he most important aspect of your company's IT infrastructure. Having the proper 3-5 year stragegy will enable your company to properly plan IT upgrades and lower unexpected expenses to keep budgets down. With this strategic plan in place will allow proper execution to ensure your organization is utilizing the technologies to their full capabilitites to which increases effeciency.

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Optimize IT departments and budgets

Ever wonder if your IT department can be more efficient? Are you spending the proper amount on your IT infrastructure? BOTEK specializes in evaluating budgets and how they relate to your infrastructure and staff. By fine tuning your budgets you will be able to save money and boost company revenues.

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Business process improvements and reengineering

Every IT department has a set of processes and policies that govern how it functions on a daily basis. Our team will evaluate this process and look to find ways to make the process more efficient by the use of policies and or newer technologies. Leveraging better processes allow companies to maximize the performance of their employees.

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