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Business Continuance / Disaster Recovery


Storage design and implementation

Our consultants are certified by EMC to design and impelment storage systems such as CLARiiON SAN, Celerra NAS, along with Centera CAS. With these designs we will integrate them into your existing IT applications and design the best storage platform for your environment.

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Storage optimization and information lifecycle

With today's data sizes growing so rapidly it is important to make sure your organization is storing your data efficiently and on the proper storage platform. Our team will perform an analysis of your storage infrastructure and produce a report as to where all your data is located, how long it has been since it has been modified, how much duplicate data exists, and make recommendations how to optimize the entire environment. This will allow you to reclaim storage space for use instead of purchasing additional storage.

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Clustering Solutions and Replication Technologies

Clustering technologies are becoming more of the standard for any application that needs to be available at all times. By putting in a clustering solution with shared storage gives you the flexibility to have the redundancy in the event of a server outage. It also adds the benefit of scheduling maintenance on servers and application while keeping the application running during this outage. Remote clustering is a newer technology that is being adopted that replicated your production data to a remote facility which give you both high-availability along with disaster recovery and business continuance.

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Virtualization of Servers and Storage

Virtualization is becoming more popular in the IT infrastructure because it allows organizations to fully utilize their hardware investments by virtualizing physical servers onto virtual servers. The average Windows server in a production environment is only 10% utilized. By implementing virtualizaiton we can maximize our hardware investments by utilizing the hardware up to 70% and reducing overall power consumption by over 90%.

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Enterprise Backup and Recovery

Data backup is not just for full system outages and disasters. Most commonly backups are used to restore certain aspects of the environment such as documents getting deleted, or infected by a virus. Replicating technologies alone are not a valid backup as if a file gets deleted it will not be replicated. If a dataset gets infected by a virus or corupted then that coruption gets replicated as well. This is why it is imparative to have a solid backup and recovery strategy part of the overall BC/DR strategy.

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Business operations business continuity assessment and planning

There is more to BC/DR than making sure the systems are up and running and that you have valid data. More importantly is your staff and its access to the applications to keep your business running. Operational items are often overlooked such as, employee access to the DR facility application, computers for the users to connect, temporary office space to house users, etc. Having an operational BC/DR plan is key to a successful overall strategy.

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