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Communication and Collaboration


Directory Services and Identity Management

Directory services and indenty management is a major part of your overall IT infrastructure. Knowing who has access to what, and when is a challenge in itself. By having a solid stragegy of identy management will ensure your system is secure while allowing your people access to the applications and data they need for do their job.

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Messaging migrations and upgrades

Migrating from legacy systems is something that is rather challenging but has to be done to keep your company on the cutting edge and make your operations more efficient. Our team will create a design and impelmentation strategy that will bring the latest technologies to your organization with minimal interuption to your operations.

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Unified Communications

In todays fast paced envoironemtn our staff is always on the go. Keeping in constant communication with our employees, partners, and customers is important to running an efficient operation. By utilizing Unified Communications your staff will be connected at all times and be able to react to anything that arises where ever they are.

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SharePoint and related workflow environments

Document storage and workflow have not moved from file server and thick applications to the web and cloud computing. Microsot's Office Sharepoint Server allows you to create a centralize portal and link to all necessary applications to make your employees more efficient. With the growing amounts of data housed in your environment it is important to have this information in a centralized place so it can be indexed and searched so your users can find what they are looking for.

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Mobility Solutions

Whether your company currently has mobility in place or plans to add mobile messaging in the future it is important to make sure you have the right mobility strategy to make your employees more efficient. Whether BlackBerry is your choice for mobility or Windows Mobile or even a hybrid, you need to compare the costs involved with each and see if you are getting the best solution for your investment.

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